Neuquén · Argentina

Alumine River, Malalco River, Chimehuin River, Malleo River, Pulmari River, Collon Cura River and Quillen River

The big news in Patagonia fly-fishing is here, the Lodge at Estancia Pilolil. We are excited to announce that this coming 2021/2022 fishing season we will be offering a new luxury destination, again, right in the middle of the Patagonian wilderness on the banks of the prolific Aluminé River. This is not just any lodge, this is among the best operations in Patagonia and one of the finest anywhere, featuring exceptional lodging, cuisine, service, staff, equipment, guides and, of course, fishing!

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Neuquen - Argentina

Estancia Pilolil is located on the west bank of the prolific Aluminé River, with 10 miles of river frontage right on the very best and secluded stretches of the Aluminé River.
The estancia (ranch) is 23,000 acres and it is safe to say that the lodge is probably among the most attractive ones you will ever see in the Patagonia Region.
Pilolil is a sophisticated and classy lodge offering a total of 6 rooms and 5 private bathrooms. Horseback rides and treks as well as sightseeing or even shopping tours can be arranged due to its proximity to Junín de los Andes, San Martín de los Andes as well as to the town of Aluminé.
From the lodge, guests will have easy access to the countless available stretches on the Aluminé River, as well as the chance of experiencing diverse quality fishing opportunities on the rivers, creeks and lakes in the vicinity such as the Lower Malleo, the Quillen, the Malalco, the Pulmari, the Nahuel Mapi and even others such as the Collon Cura and the Chimehuin.
Fishing can be by both floating and/or wading, and all forms of fly fishing will apply, from dries to nymphs, to wets, to streamers. This is a program for everybody.
The Aluminé River flows southward out of the iconic Lake Aluminé for around 100 miles before it turns into the Collon Cura River. It flows from North to South along the foothills of the Andes keeping about a 30-mile permanent distance, give or take, from the border with the country of Chile.
Surrounded by forested mountains, the Aluminé River flows rampant through the Lake Country. Aluminé is not just a river, it is a symbol and a legend, all kinds of native Indian stories have been conceived around the Aluminé River and even a town is named after it.
Its very name means “Shiny Bowl” or also “shining on the bottom” in Mapuche Indian language. And actually, the river does indeed deliver its defining promise of bright stones beneath the crystal clear water. The Aluminé River really is an aquatic wonderland packed with wild rainbow and brown trout.
It is an amazing river surrounded by breathtaking landscape, unique vegetation, incredible rock formations and spectacular wildlife.
Wildlife includes condors, eagles, falcons, hawks, all kinds of birds of prey, quail, diverse waterfowl, red deer, wild boars, pumas, guanacos, foxes, you’ll see huge red stags, hares, rabbits, diverse birdlife and what not.
Estancia Pilo Lil is close San Martin Regional Airport and central to other Patagonia destinations, such as, San Huberto, Tipiliuke, Tres Rios, Arroyo Verde and Quemquemtreu.


Estancia Pilolil accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 double rooms with private bathrooms and 2 cozy living rooms. Easy access by paved roads, only 45 minutes from San Martin de los Andes airport and 2.5 hours from Bariloche Airport.