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Estancia Arroyo Verde

Neuquén · Argentina

Fishing Way:

Traful River

The Traful River runs through a breathtaking valley of incredible wind-and-water sculpted rock spires, minarets, and chimneys, strikingly unique views of the crystal clear Lake Traful with the backdrop of the white-capped Andes and lush forests.

The Traful is not a long river in miles but it has a lake on each end. That makes for the possibility of catching big fish anytime, this being its strongest feature. The Traful River receives runs of big brown and rainbow trout as well as of landlocked Atlantic salmon. And while the salmon are most prevalent early and late in the season, the Traful also has fine fishing for big trout all season long with evening hatches that can provide exceptional dry-fly fishing. That’s the way the Traful is, a river of surprises, a river with character, a beautiful piece of the planet running through unusual rock formations. It has the magical feeling of ‘the river of the spirits’.


Arroyo Verde Lodge is an elegant and classy fishing lodge with four (4) double rooms each with their private bathroom, comfortably and elegantly furnished sitting and dining rooms. There is also a guest cabin, which is perched on a cliff with a simply unimaginable view of Lake Traful. This lodge is also ideal for guests traveling with non-fishing spouses or the more casual fisher-person. Lodge owners will be your hosts, enjoy an exquisite estancia home, fine cuisine and wines.


Traful River fishing area is located south east from the town of San Martín de los Andes in Neuquén Province and 50 miles north of Bariloche International Airport.
Daily commercial flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche will get you here. Flight time from Buenos Aires is two (2) hours.