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Lago Hermoso Lodge

Neuquén · Argentina

Fishing Way:

Lago Hermoso River

Patagonia is widely known for its browns and rainbows; however the best kept secret may very well be the beautiful and healthy brook trout that populate various Patagonian mountain lakes and the upper stretches of their out-flowing streams.

Lago Hermoso has two private lakes within its territory for exclusive use of its owners and guests. Lake Rauli is a secluded little mountain lake packed with 2 to 4-pound brook trout and is connected to another beautiful mountain lake: Lake Las Carmenes, by means of a short creek, the Rauli Creek. Lake Las Carmenes is also packed with brook trout and is also secluded.
These two beautiful lakes with their connecting stream are located in the middle of the Andean natural forest. These are pristine lakes, where the landscape is breathtaking including profuse natural forest of beech trees of different kinds, Patagonian cedars, native solid bamboo, and various many other species together with profuse wildlife. These are small mountain lakes and their most outstanding feature is the fact that they are packed with healthy sizable brook trout that will take readily dries, nymphs and sometimes even streamers.
These are hard-to-find unique environments offering perfect conditions for big healthy strong brook trout to proliferate, where brookies are active and eager to take dries, nymphs and even streamers. A great chance of taking the photo of your life holding a nice big brook trout.
Fishing at Lago Hermoso can also be combined with river fly fishing days at Caleufu River, approximately a 50 minutes drive from the lodge.


Lago Hermoso has a large living room and dining room with an amazing lake view. The living room
has a log-fire and a bar. There is an impressive view from the dining room windows overlooking Lake Lago Hermoso. The lodge can accommodate up to 8 guests, with 4 rooms with a private bathroom each. Guests will have the opportunity to sample delicious and traditional food prepared by our gourmet head chef, fresh trout and venison will be part of your menu.


Daily commercial flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche will get you here while San Martin de los Andes Airport offers daily flights on January and February only. Flight time from Buenos Aires is two (2) hours.