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Team Member

Nestor Zuñiga

PO Head Guide

“I am so thankful to have been born, raised, and to live in this special part of the world, Patagonia.
My passion has given me many great moments on the water.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fishing and the outdoors, so, basically, today I am a fishing guide since 1998 (At present Head Guide of Patagonia Outfitters).
I am also a ski lover who turned his passion into a job. I have been a ski instructor here and in Austria and Italy for many years.
My goal has always been to create lifelong memories by sharing my passion and love for the river with all our visitors.
There are so many reasons why I chose fishing as a career. There is just nothing more satisfying than showing others how to fish successfully. Teaching is what I do.
For me, seeing the excitement on the faces of those who fish with me when they are reeling them in brings me so much joy, especially when I’m with those who don’t know much about how to fish in the first place!
Just love the opportunity to share my passion for fly fishing with others!”