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Gustavo Mezza

An excellent fly tyer who loves sharing his knowledge of local waterways. Fly fishing is his passion. Gustavo is also known as a friendly and patient guide that cherishes each opportunity to be on the water sharing his passion with others. He thinks like a fish, he makes people catch fish, he’s got that touch.

Hernando Fernández Beschtedt

Nando is a Patagonia native and has worked in fly fishing since a young age. He was born into this, grew up with it, and lives for it. His personal passion for fly fishing is matched with a deep appreciation for his role as a guide, enjoys helping people enhance their angling skills which he is so good about. Guests…

Diego Gonzalez del Solar

No matter what happens he will never lose his sense of humor “I’ll never lose my feeling for the outdoors or my love for fishing. … I feel fortunate that I have been able to turn that passion into my livelihood and what I love the most is sharing it with others”

Nestor Zuñiga

Nestor Zuñiga

PO Head Guide

“I am so thankful to have been born, raised, and to live in this special part of the world, Patagonia. My passion has given me many great moments on the water. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fishing and the outdoors, so, basically, today I am a fishing guide since 1998 (At present Head Guide of Patagonia Outfitters). I am…