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Jorge Trucco

Patagonia Outfitters


Jorge Trucco has spent his life as a pioneer of fly fishing.

A native of Argentina, Jorge pursued his passion at a young age even before fly fishing became fashionable as a recreational opportunity. He grew up with the other legends guiding some of the most famous including Lefty Kreh, Mel Kreiger, Art Lee, Billy Pate, to name just a few. Serving as their guide was a profession but secondary to the deep personal relationships formed with each. These friendships evolved into a “mutual admiration” society elevating Jorge’s status to the industry leader throughout South America.

His well-deserved fame allowed Jorge to form Patagonia Outfitter’s, the premier Argentina fly-fishing outfitter in some of the world’s most sought after trout fishing destinations. The pristine waters of Patagonia attracted the rich and famous resulting in Jorge being revered as the “Guide of the Stars”. From actors like Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton, Liam Neeson to celebrity stars like Super Bowl champion Coach Dick Vermeil, cyclist Greg Lemond, astronaut Wally Shirah, Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and even President Jimmy Carter, Jorge built endearing friendships with them all. These life long bonds formed because of fishing, but the attraction was Jorge’s extraordinary fly-fishing skills. Regardless of one’s level of experience, Jorge can guide you to a gratifying skill level previously unattainable. Jorge is renowned as a teacher, but respected because of his deep-rooted dedication to conservation. He has been a teacher, mentor, pioneer, conservationist but equally important, a person who imparts friendship among sportsmen and respect for the natural resources we love to fish.

Jorge he won the prestigious “One Fly” tournament in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; was selected as Outstanding Fly Casting Instructor by FFF (known today as FFI); collaborated and participated in the Patagonia portion of the Joe Brooks Documentary (2018), among many other accomplishments.

Join Jorge Trucco on the most memorable fishing trip you’ll ever have to Patagonia!